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Services Overview

 From home baking to household chores, gardening to grocery runs, we can help you with all your errands!



Household Management
Call on a Genie to take care of those niggly little jobs that just don't get done!

We pride ourselves on our ability to work in and around your home to make sure your family environment is tidy, well organised, and ready when you need it. Some of our tasks around the home we will complete for you are:

*Laundry - Our Genies will put a load of washing on & hang it out, fold, iron & put it away for you too!

*Meal preparation - We at HomeGenies will prepare any meals using your ingredients in the convenience of your own home or we are happy to supply ingredients for you at your request.

*Baking - The Genies will whip up a batch of yummy cookies or a delicious cake to fill your tins!

*Organisation/Decluttering - Is your pantry overdue for a clean out or maybe the spare room is a dumping ground & needs sorting through. No problem for our Genies!

*Sorting & Listing items on Trade Me - This can be a timely job & we at HomeGenies know how precious your time is, so let us take that chore away from you.

*Holiday Services - Need to get rid of that pesky junk mail? The plants & garden need watering?  Or the precious fish need feeding? Our trusted Genies will take care of that, so you can enjoy & relax on your holiday!    

We welcome enquiries about combining any of our HomeGenie services.


Outdoor Home Management
Let a Genie come in and straighten up your back yard!

If you have a small vegetable garden in the back yard, or even a manageable backyard patch of grass. Let us do the work and keep it maintained and fresh for your summer get togethers and backyard BBQ's .

*Life too busy and the garden has run away on you? Don't let the weeds take over, let one of our Genies loose in your back yard and deal to the weeding, pruning and general garden maintenance. 

We welcome enquiries about combining any of our HomeGenie services.


Personal Management
Our Genies will take care of you too!

Time poor, not enough hours in the day?  Our Genies can lighten the load and help out when an extra hand is needed.  Here are just some of the tasks we can help with:

*Checking In & Companionship for the elderly - Have a family member, friend or neighbour who needs a bit of company? Our caring Genies can visit & share a chat over a cup of tea with your loved one.

*Running Errands - If your library books need returning, you need a parcel to be delivered or a celebration cake picked up. Our reliable Genies will run those errands for you!

*Scheduling appointments - Our Genies can make a doctor’s appointment or book the dog into the groomer. No job is too big or too small for our Genies.

*Prescription Collection - Can't get out to get the repeat on your medication? A Genie can collect your prescription on your behalf.

*Grocery Shopping - Whether it's illness, a new baby or you're time poor, our Genies will collect your grocery items & put them away for you too!

*Gift buying & wrapping - The neighbours Christmas gift, the sought after Wedding present or the guitar tutors thank you tribute, the list is endless. Our Genies can take the pressure off gift buying for you & will even gift wrap it for you too!

We welcome enquiries about combining any of our HomeGenie services.